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Bootchkas work best with boots that are higher than ankle boots and lower than mid-calf boots. Motorcycle boots and engineer boots are usually this height.

We don’t sell boots but we recommend:

Dolce Vita "Solvae"

Dolce Vita “Solvae”
Inexpensive, easy to find on eBay, comfortable, looks good. A good, basic motorcycle boot.

Kurt Geiger "Trooper"

Kurt Geiger “Trooper”
Way cute but not a good choice if you have short legs.

Steve Madden "Enngage"

Steve Madden “Enngage”
These boots have gold buckles. Bootchkas usually have nickel matte buckles but you can ask us to make Bootchkas with gold buckles.

Steve Madden "Brewzzer"

Steve Madden “Brewzzer”
The straps move around and the boots don’t stay closed, too sloppy-looking in our opinion.

Blowfish "Alms"

Blowfish “Alms”
Another taller boot, not a good choice if you have shorter legs.

Keen "Bern"  2013 model; don't get the tall "Bern Baby Bern" model

Keen “Bern”
2013 model; don’t get the tall “Bern Baby Bern” model

Nine West "Kelsbelle"

Nine West “Kelsbelle”
Expensive and hard to find but they look really good with Bootchkas!


Bargain Boots

For bargains on eBay click this link. Then select your “Heel Height,” “Shoe Size,” and your price range. You should see hundreds of boots to choose from.

If that link doesn’t work, go to eBay and click “Fashion,” “Shoes,” “Women’s”, “Boots,” and “Refine results.” Then under “Style” click “see all” and then check “Motorcycle.” Then under “Color” click the black swatch.